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HI ima new and i'v jest reacently fell in love with duel jewel! this is courtasy of the fanime con i went to the last 3 days ^_^" (They performed there)okidok! the very first thing i notice bout duel jewel was that Hayato has a really big smile- i could see from a far!!(cause i had bad seats -_-') and not only that hes seems really energetic and happy during that concert i couldnt help but think- KAWAII!Neko!!(i think he looks like a kitty )oo and what made me fall in love wit him and duel jewel more is that i got to meet up with them and take pics wit them!!(actually it was only hayato i took a picture with XD! obsessed already!) and anywho, yup i now ima babaling here but all i wan to say is that im glad to be in this community and to be among others who appreciate Hayato and duel jewel's talent as jrockers - heehe! oki! im done! =P
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