Mode (hurryupmode) wrote in 1000watt_smile,

Hey I'm new. I first got into Deul Jewel after Fanime's Musicfest.

Do you remember the encore performance by duel jewel and camino at Fanime 2k4's closing ceremonies?
I know the first song DJ played was "Never Blue" but what was the second?

I know it's not off of Lapidary or Vermilion, because I have those two.

I have only one little clue that may or may not help. The song starts off with a programmed sound sample thingy or keyboard notes played very quickly that sound like chimes, along with the drums and the bass, and Hayato starts hopping backwards on one foot with his mic in the air. The song, for the most part, is fairly fast-paced.

People have suggested that it's a song called Tails. Do you know where I can hear it?

PLEASE help me out. It's been 7 months since I started to look for the song, and I still haven't found out what it was.
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